LRC SMALL Overfill Prevention

LRC Small assume the control of the motor management during the whole process
The following functions can be realized with LRC Small:
  • Motor (Pump) Start and Stop from the distance.
  • Filling Start/Stop
  • Rotational Speed Control
  • Fill interruption / Restart
  • Hose Reel Control
  • Dead-Man Control
  • ANA (Germany)
  • Automatic Fill-Stop
The following limit probes can be controlled:
  •  Limit probes according to TRbF (PTC thermistor probes – meeting EN13616)
  •  Floating probes (nose 10h)
  •  Optical probes (Switzerland Standard and Ships Standard BeNeLux)
  •  Probes with relais contacts
Using LRC Small in combination with an limit sensor, overfill is avoided with 100% safety.
LRC Small is approved for use in hazardous areas, EX-areas and non-EX areas as well.
Many years of experiences have made this system to an important part of the equipment for  tanker trucks and ship bunkering systems.
Fields of Application: Mineral Oil Products (Ex and non EX)
                                      Chemical Products LPG and technical Gases
                                      Ship Bunkerung  
                                      Loading/Unloading of Tanker Trucks
                                      Loading  of stationary tanks etc.


Application LRC Small:

  • Loading/Unloading of all liquid products and powder/granulate substances from tanker truck/container to a tank.
  • Loading of tanker-trucks/containers on depots and terminals
  • Loading/Unloading of tank wagons
  • Ship-, boat-, airplane- and helicopter refuelling
  • All kind of industrial application for radio control in Ex-areas.(hazardous zones)

Advantages LRC Small radio controlled overfill prevention:

  • 100% overfill prevention
  • No cable – no wires
  • Optimized loading/unloading processes
  • Simplified working processes
  • Time and cost saving
  • Improvement of Safety and productivity
  • Environmental protection
  • Suitable for every product
  • “Fail Safe” and “Fail to Safe” System


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